Cedar Wraps or Papers


Most people have heard of or used cedar planks but what is this wrap business all about. A cedar wrap is really just a very thin cedar plank. When used properly, it can really add tremendous presentation value to any dining experience. Cedar Wraps allow the cook to wrap wood completely around theie food and secure it with twine.

Cedar wraps require very little prep time and require no soaking period as with cedar planks. To prepare a wrap for use simply run under cold tap water until all areas of the wrap have been covered. You may also use wine or juice – experiment with your flavors.

Once the wraps is wet it becomes very flexible; allowing food to be rolled up inside of it and secured with butchers twine or a green onion. The wrapped food can then be placed on the grill or in the oven and cooked until done. I recommend using indirect heat on the grill whenever possible as the wrap is very thin and you do not want to burn through it. The wraps will provide a much more subtle flavor than cooking with planks because there is less essential oil in each wrap due to the thinness.

Once your food is fully cooked serve the wraps right on the plate for a unique and exciting presentation that will leave all of your friends and neighbors talking.


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