About Our Products

Native Americans could be considered our earliest foodies. They devised a simple, yet delicious, method of grilling salmon over an open fire. They used cedar planks. Over 3,000 years later, people still love to cook outdoors, over the open flame!

Today, savvy chefs have re-embraced the pure magic of cedar plank grilling. While it’s an amazing way to grill salmon and other fish, you can also achieve yummy results with beef, poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits, and even desserts.


FIVE reasons you can’t go wrong with cedar plank grilling:

  1. The food is super-moist. The pre-soaked plank helps food retain its natural juices.
  2. The plank infuses the food with an extraordinary sweet-smoky flavor!
  3. There is no muss or fuss. Your grill is clean after cooking!
  4. Be healthier. Cedar plank grilling gives even the leanest meat a distinctive flavor.
  5. Show off your grilling know-how. Grilling planks are fun to use and they make quite the dinner table presentation.

TrueFire Gourmet® Environmental CommitmentSFIstacked

Our company uses wood from sustainable resources. The proof is on our packaging, which sports the SFI® logo. Never heard of them? Now is the time:

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) is a multi-faceted approach to forest management. In addition to monitoring and regulating forests, the initiative ensures that activities in SFI-certified forests respect the rights of indigenous people, workers and communities. Think of it as affirmation action for trees and people!

The chain of custody – from forest to final product

A TrueFire Gourmet® Grilling Plank or Wraps is more than a piece of wood – it’s a certified piece of wood! The SFI® logo assures you, the consumer, that the wood has been tracked every step of the way from its origins in a certified forest to the manufacturing of the final product.